Twitter is testing the Super Followers counter offer
Twitter is testing the Super Followers counter offer

As Twitter continues to work on tools that will bring income to content producers, it is now testing a new Personal Accounts counter that shows the number of super followers, so the counter gives a sneak peek at how many subscribers are paying. Every user goes through the platform.

According to a photo taken by reverse engineering expert Jin Manchun Wong, the new "Super Followers" counter is displayed next to the usual follower number.

It can also help get more people to subscribe and become paid subscribers of Tweets and other content.

Twitter's "super follow" option allows content producers to charge a monthly fee to allow fans to receive a range of additional content and interactive features to generate revenue directly from their efforts through the platform.

By subscribing for $ 4.99 per month, super followers get broader access to newsletters, exclusive content, and membership discounts on other merchandise or products.

This is another incentive for content producers to build a community of subscribers who pay through the platform and help Twitter maintain a steady flow of exclusive content.

It also helps get more fans back on stage more often, which helps create engagement.

The emergence of TikTok, coupled with the impact of the pandemic, has led all platforms to reassess viable options for content producers to protect audiences and provide direct revenue tools to affected content producers and artists through global shutdowns and other mitigation measures. .

With that in mind, it makes sense to add some premium followers, although CEO Jack Dorsey is reluctant to offer updated follow counters, it is a bit annoying when Twitter adds another list of subscribers to his account. Surprised.

Dorsey stated in a debate in India in 2018 that he wants to reduce the number of subscribers because they no longer reflect the proper purpose of social media sharing.

Dorsey said at the time, if you open Twitter and find your subscribers to be 5, that is actually asking you to increase that number. It might have been true 12 years ago, but I don't think today is right. Don't think this is a number to watch out for and I think the most important thing is the number of useful conversations you have on the platform.

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