Autonomous cars drive on public roads in Germany
Autonomous cars drive on public roads in Germany

Germany passed a law allowing self-driving cars to be driven on public roads until 2022 and paving the way for companies to introduce automated taxis and delivery services on a large scale in the country.

Although Germany currently allows self-checks, self-driving cars can be operated without personal safety factors.

The German Bundestag and the House of Commons passed a law last week that specifically targets self-driving Tier 4 cars.

The fourth level of autonomous driving defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) means that computers can drive under certain conditions or in certain environments. In Germany, these vehicles are restricted to certain geographical regions.

The rules say: In the future, self-driving cars should be able to cross the country without an actual driver to cross public roads as part of regular operations.

He added: More steps must be taken to ensure that the appropriate systems are working properly so that the potential of these technologies can be tapped and the community can participate.

The law has not yet been promulgated by the Bundestag. It contains the most important potential applications of self-driving cars on German roads such as public transport, business trips, refueling trips, logistics, company vehicles that handle employee traffic and travel centers between medical treatment. And homes.

Companies wishing to drive autonomous commercial vehicles in Germany must comply with several other rules, for example b- take out liability insurance and the right to stop working independently from a distance.

Many US states have regulations regarding potential technical tests and publications., the independent Chinese taxi start-up company, is the eighth company licensed to test self-driving cars in California, and Nuro is the only company to have a license to operate commercially on California public roads. 'status.

With support from Alibaba, companies like AutoX are also testing driverless fleets on public roads in China, and German law has taken a step toward standardizing regular traffic.

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