Twitter updates the offensive Tweet warning
Twitter updates the offensive Tweet warning

Twitter has updated its policy to require users to pause and reconsider when tweeting with a potentially dangerous or offensive message before hitting the send button.

Based on feedback from these tests, the company has made improvements to the system that determines when and how these reminders are sent.

The complaints system is now better able to detect offensive or vulgar language (including profanity) and understand vocabulary that has changed underrepresented societies and used them harmlessly, and is now seen as your relationship with society. The person who typed it.

In other words, if you tweet with people you interact with frequently, Twitter thinks they are more likely to have a better understanding of your preferred methods of communication and not offer you advice.

Twitter began testing the system in May 2020, suspended it briefly, and restarted it in February of this year.

This data is one of many updates made by Twitter to influence user behavior, reduce bullying and harassment, and encourage healthy conversations.

The new improvement of rejected Twitter Tweets will be announced today for iOS users and in the coming days for Android users.

"After politicians manage to differentiate between potentially offensive language, mockery and banter, people will have an impact on interactions across the platforms," ​​the company said.

Internal tests showed that 34% of those who received such an immediate request either verified their first response or decided not to send a response at all.

After receiving such a request once, an average of 11% people write abusive responses.

Additionally, people who have sued them are less likely to receive harmful reactions and abuse.

The company said improvements have been made over the past year to reduce the number of people receiving unnecessary complaints.

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