Twitter will begin posting Spaces in the next two weeks
Twitter will begin posting Spaces in the next two weeks

The Twitter platform continues to boost its profitability by adding new options for users to create paid Spaces events. This is another way to enjoy your work on the platform.

Twitter is preparing to introduce a "space ticket" feature to show what users can expect when hosting their first paid chat space.

In the US, users can request a paid live sound room within the next two weeks.

Anyone willing to pay the bill must have 1,000 subscribers, host 3 live language studios in the last 30 days, and be 18 years or older.

Twitter has partnered with Stripe to process the payments. Users can earn 80% of their income after paying an invoice for in-app purchases from Apple and Google.

So, if you're selling tickets for $ 10, Apple should be taking a 30% commission so you can share the remaining $ 7 on Twitter.

The remaining 80% is yours, 20% is owned by Twitter, which means those payments will cover Stripe's transaction fees.

A Twitter spokesperson said: Once the first application opens, it will be processed in a few weeks and the team plans to start a small series of tests.

Although only US users currently can host these live sound room tickets, anyone in the world can purchase access.

Additionally, Spaces is just starting to host people with fewer than 600 subscribers and is adding the ability to host events.

This real-time audio feature is one of the many ways Twitter has advertised its ability to help its users generate income. Also planned is the introduction of a "super follow up" function, with which users can pay for money. Additional content and community posts.

Twitter may also offer a larger subscription product called Twitter Blue that users may use to pay for other features, such as: b. For the ability to cancel Tweets.

Although Twitter products have been in stagnation for many years, the company has run a series of consumer product ads over the past year to help diversify its revenue.

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