Microsoft Teams has improved in Together mode
Microsoft Teams has improved in Together mode

Microsoft is developing many new features to support the workplace and remote learning. The new and improved Together mode for everyone is designed to make meetings more interactive in the next update to Microsoft Teams.

Last year, we started putting Together and more customers will use this functionality by 2021.

This mode uses AI-based segmentation technology to create a real-time avatar for each participant and then display them in a virtual classroom.

All participants appear in the virtual meeting room to create a virtual reality-like meeting environment.

The Together template was created to make the meeting more engaging. Also, it is designed to show the users to meet online in a certain way and make it a real meeting.

However, meeting organizers are currently required to use Microsoft-created backgrounds in their virtual meeting rooms in "together" mode.

According to the Roadmap Update, developers and users on the Microsoft Teams platform can create their own background options and upload them to the Microsoft Teams library within the company.

This feature allows anyone with the skills to create their own scenes and enhances the overall meeting experience.

Developers, developers and professionals can create amazing scenes, not just enterprise video conferencing.

According to the roadmap, customization of wallpaper images will be supported in Putting Together in June 2021.

To support distance learning and increase participation in online training courses, Microsoft Teams added the 'Hands Up' feature, which was released last year.

As the name suggests, anyone can click the button on the top menu to ask questions during a busy meeting.

To reduce randomness, Microsoft Teams is introducing a new option that allows hosts and moderators to cancel all hands raised by some attendees.

For mobile device users, Microsoft introduced a new and improved "Grand Gallery" feature for mobile devices through Microsoft Teams. After updating, you can quickly scroll through all conference participants.

Additionally, Microsoft Teams mobile platform has received full gamer support. With this new feature, the app can read chats and post messages to your device.

This feature is only available in the desktop app, but it will be available for iOS and Android devices in late June.

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