Xbox collaborating with developer Call of Duty: Mobile
Xbox collaborating with developer Call of Duty: Mobile

Microsoft's Xbox Game Studio is collaborating with TiMi Studios, one of the world's most profitable game makers and part of Tencent's vast digital entertainment empire.

Xbox Game Studios has entered into a strategic partnership with Call of Duty: Mobile and Glory of Kings from mobile development company TiMi Studios.

The brief announcement does not say whether the link was developed in China or published on Xbox, but it says: More details about the extensive collaboration will be announced at the end of this year.

TiMi Studios was founded in Tencent in 2008 and generated nearly $ 2.5 billion in gamer spending in 2020 alone.

According to Reuters, TiMi Studios' total revenue last year was $ 10 billion.

This partnership can help TiMi Studios build a global reputation by transforming TiMi Studios mobile games into Microsoft Xbox games.

TiMi Studios has been working hard to build brand awareness and set it apart from other Tencent game groups such as internal competitors LightSpeed ​​and Quantum (aka PUBG Mobile).

TiMi Studios, which has an office in Los Angeles, announced in January 2020 that it plans to triple its workforce in North America, adding that developing high-quality mobile games has become the basis of its global strategy.

There is evidence that TiMi Studios is hiring developers to create the upcoming game Measureed Against Oasis, a multiplayer turn-based strategy video game that brings together ancient civilizations and combines civilization strategies and puzzle games.

The latest Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S releases are expected to be launched in China, although these announcements do not appear to be related to Tencent's deal.

Sony's PS5 launched in China in late April. Starting in 2019, Nintendo will launch the Switch platform in China through an exclusive partnership with Tencent.

And Chinese gamers often look to the gray market to purchase foreign versions of games because the list of Chinese games approved by local governments is very small compared to places outside the region.

However, those gray online and offline markets have been removed continuously, and in March the list of many major console game products imported from Alibaba's Taobao market disappeared in March.

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