YouTube released 4 new tools for creating short videos
YouTube released 4 new tools for creating short videos

YouTube launched a fully-fledged short film maker for all US users, and added four new features.

After a beta release in March, Short is now available to all US users.

US content producers can use the Short Camera on the YouTube mobile app to record, edit, and publish clips.

In addition to the new construction tools, the Short Camera contains new features that give users more editing options.

60 seconds of recording:

When recording a video with the Short Camera, users can switch between a maximum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds, which increases the length of the short video posted on YouTube compared to the previous 15 seconds.

However, if you record short movies with music in YouTube library, those videos will still be limited to 15 seconds.

Video filters from short films:

YouTube creators can switch to various filters on the short camera recording and editing screens that allow users to colorize the right footage or change the look of the video.

YouTube said this was only the beginning as more filters and effects will be launched later this year.


The platform seeks to facilitate access to short videos so that content creators can now add subtitles to their videos in two different ways.

With content creators, the platform can add subtitles automatically using audio-to-text technology, or content creators can add their own subtitles manually.

Since the text-to-speech technology is far from ideal, the ability to add subtitles manually can help prevent errors.

While watching a video, users can choose between manual and automatic translation.

The "Shorts" tab on the main page:

In the YouTube mobile app, users can browse more short movies using the new tab at the bottom of the screen.

The "Brief" tab appears where the "Browse" tab is located, and the "Browse" section is not removed from the platform, it moves to the top of the screen.

With this update, "Explore" can be the first topic at the top of the Home Summary.

Discovery is always a place where users can discover content from budding and budding content creators, as well as popular videos and topics.

YouTube said: The detection function is, of course, implemented at the top of the app's homepage. There, topics were identified that would allow users to discover content that might interest them.

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