Facebook recommends reading the articles before sharing them
Facebook recommends reading the articles before sharing them

Facebook has begun testing a new feature in the form of a popup asking users if they are safe to share a post that hasn't been opened and asking them to open the link at least before sharing.

After years of bad behavior, social media companies are trying to find subtle ways to reshape the way people use their platforms.

While a popup prompts users to read the article, they can also continue sharing if they wish.

With this step, Facebook wants to rethink the initial drive of internet users to share misleading or fake content on the dominant platform by adding a few steps to the overall experience.

A Facebook spokesperson said: 6% of Android users worldwide are gradually adopting the test to encourage newscasts to participate wisely in news coverage across the platform.

The Facebook popup is similar to the Twitter popup I tested in June 2020. This window prompts users to read the link before reposting the link. The company quickly decided that the test functionality was a success and added more users to it.

Facebook said: The popup aims to help people better understand the posts they share.

It appears to be the latest attempt to combat the spread of fake news that the platform has dealt with in the past.

A pop-up warning users to open the article can result in losing important information because headlines usually don't tell the full story.

In the past year, Facebook has started trying other similar phrases. In June of last year, a popup was posted warning users before sharing content more than 90 days old to reduce misleading stories from the original background.

Facebook said at the time: Facebook is looking for other pop-up prompts to reduce certain types of disinformation. A few months later, the platform posted a similar popup message with the date and source of all the links the user shared to the user. . Corona Virus.

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