Amazon uses your phone's camera to assess movement health
Amazon uses your phone's camera to assess movement health

Amazon's fitness service Halo will soon show its ability to use smartphone cameras and cloud-based AI to create sports health analysis.

After 5-10 minutes of training, you can stand in different positions in front of the camera and the Amazon server analyzes the video and uses it to create custom exercises to improve balance, movement, and posture.

The service is scheduled to start in the coming weeks.

Like the Halo body fat monitor, Amazon says that the video you record will be sent to its cloud server.

The video is analyzed by its own algorithm, not humans, and then deleted from the cloud and your phone.

Videos are encrypted in transit and in the Amazon cloud. The Halo Fitness Bracelet is not specifically used during the exam.

After the scan, you will receive a reading that divides your body movements as a percentage.

Amazon claims that its machine learning algorithms are built on different objects.

However, the result of this training is an algorithm that applies the same rating to all users. Regardless of body type or level of training.

Amazon Sports Health Reviews:

Amazon says the accuracy offered by the new tool is comparable to that of a professional coach's personal assessment.

Amazon uses these percentages to create a customized video corrective exercise program designed to improve your mobility.

The company said Halo has about 10 videos for each user, ranging from simple exercises to exercises that fully meet their needs.

Halo launched last August and combines a fitness bracelet for $99.99 and a monthly subscription service for $3.99.

Halo offers a body fat check that is very similar to a health check. Halo can perform all the typical health tracking functions you would expect from a fitness tracker.

The effectiveness of the exercise does not appear to be as invasive as these reviews. However, it is still not clear if this feature is useful enough to attract users to Halo.

Apple Fitness Plus recently began offering beginner videos and exercise programs for pregnant women and seniors.

Amazon's new products could be part of a larger trend that makes it easier for people who don't want to exercise every day to get fitness content.

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