Android 12 introduces a new way to manage contacts
Android 12 introduces a new way to manage contacts

Google has announced the release of the second beta of Android 12 on Pixel smartphones.

The beta build adds more Android 12 features that were announced at the Google I/O conference last month. But it was not in the first beta.

It also has two new features, including a new way to manage Internet connections.

In the quick settings, Android 12 now has a new button called "Internet" that replaces the old WiFi button.

When you click on that, you'll see a screen that lets you switch between wireless networks and view your current cellular connection (you can switch too).

Google said: The idea is to help users switch between Internet service providers and solve network connection problems more easily.

Google's post asks readers to share their thoughts on this feature, which indicates that the user experience may be unsafe.

Google often comes up with new UI ideas and then comes back to them during the Android beta.

Android 12 also displays a "read clipboard notification" that appears when the app reads the current clipboard.

Appears when an app reads the clipboard from content you've copied to another app. In other words, if you copy and paste into the same app, it won't get boring.

Unlike other notifications, this appears to appear at the bottom of the screen, similar to the feature that first appeared on the iPhone as more and more people realize that apps are requesting content in the press - sheets when it isn't.

Google announced more features, but they weren't included in the first beta.

Android 12 features:

The system user interface is now trying to display complementary colors in the background image. Google also promises to keep the Quick Tap feature, which lets you set custom actions when you tap the back of your phone.

Google has also added a privacy dashboard that allows users to see how often the app requires the use of the microphone, camera, and phone location.

Google is also investigating previously announced privacy features related to microphones and cameras.

When either of them is open, you will see an indicator in the upper right corner of the status bar.

In Android 12, there is now a switch in the quick settings to deactivate these sensors.

If you turn off your microphone or camera in quick settings, the next time you try to access the app, you'll be asked if you want to reopen it.

In this release, Google is closely following the release of the Android 12 roadmap this fall. It is expected that there will be more beta versions before the final release.

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