Apple employees refuse to go back to the office
Apple employees refuse to go back to the office

Apple employees have rejected a new policy requiring them to return to the office three days a week starting in early September.

Employees say they want a flexible way for those who want to work remotely to do so.

The letter reads: “We would like to take this opportunity to express our growing concern to our fellow members. The flexible policy of remote working and communication has forced some of our colleagues to resign. Many of us believe we have to choose between family, happiness or belonging to Apple.

Apple does not recommend working remotely:

A few days ago, Tim Cook sent a message to Apple employees that they will have to return to the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in early fall.

Compared to the previous company culture, this is a loosening of restrictions. Before the pandemic, Apple was known to prevent employees from working from home.

However, compared to other tech giants, it is more conservative. Twitter and Facebook are telling employees that they can still work from home even after the pandemic.

For some Apple employees, the current policy is not enough. The concept of remote work among Apple executives and employees differs markedly.

The news says we didn't feel like losing sight of the past year. But sometimes we are actively ignored.

The message to Tim Cook began on the Slack remote employee channel, which has nearly 2,800 members.

About 80 people participated in writing and editing this message. Here are the specific questions the employees asked in the letter:

  •     We encourage Apple to treat flexible remote work decisions as independent of the team.
  •     We hope to be able to conduct a short, frequent company-wide investigation and have a clearly structured and transparent communication process at the company and team level covering the topics listed in the letter.
  •     We formally asked to add a question about downsizing due to remote work on leave interviews.
  •     We need a clear action plan for adapting to disabilities through on-site, off-site, remote or other on-site flexible work.
  •     We have formally asked for a deep understanding of the environmental impacts of a personal return to work on site and how enduring on-site and remote flexibility can counteract these impacts.

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