Apple imposes stricter limits on legal requirements
Apple imposes stricter limits on legal requirements

Apple said that after Donald Trump was subpoenaed by the US Department of Justice for information on Democratic lawmakers, some of its rules have been tightened in response to legal requirements.

The company said it recently set up up to 25 identifiers, such as email addresses or phone numbers, for each legal request.

Cupertino said he received a subpoena from the Justice Department in February 2018. The department requested information on 109 ID cards, including 73 phone numbers and 36 email addresses. However, he did not transmit content such as emails and photos to the Public Prosecution Office.

The New York Times reported that federal prosecutors cited Apple and other companies as part of an investigation into the sources behind media reports of Trump employees' contacts with Russia.

The newspaper reported that the investigation is directed against at least two Democrats, his aides and family members of the House Intelligence Committee, including a minor.

Apple strengthens control

Trump Department of Justice targets are Adam Schiff and Eric Warwell, as well as their aides and family members. This is an attempt to find the source behind the story of Trump colleagues' connection to Russia in 2018.

Apple said it had no way of knowing the nature of the investigation. Post only basic subscriber information for the account, such as name, address, email address, phone number, contact records, and IP addresses.

The iPhone maker said it did not provide any data about the sender and the time of any type of message.

The Justice Department's inspector general said he is investigating the department's efforts under Trump to seize communications data from lawmakers and media officials.

The current Department of Justice has pledged to investigate subpoenas and other requests to see if Trump's Department of Justice is abusing its power.

It is unclear how the US government will meet the specified cap. However, these discoveries could lead tech companies to increase the transparency of government requirements.

It is sometimes difficult to know when an officer abused his power. In theory, more transparency would allow abuses to be detected more quickly and hold the government to account.

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