Apple is developing an iPad Pro model with a larger screen
Apple is developing an iPad Pro model with a larger screen

Apple plans to make the larger iPad Pro models available to consumers, and the larger models could be available within a few years.

Since the product was introduced, Apple's largest tablet has been the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Although the company has resized other iPad models, including several changes to the smaller version of the iPad Pro, it appears that the larger iPad sold by Apple can still receive the same treatment.

In Bloomberg's Power-On newsletter, reporter Mark Gorman said, "I've heard that Apple is exploring the idea of ​​a larger tablet. The engineers and designers are working on a version that could be released in at least a few years."

Gorman went on to explain that the updated iPad Pro lineup will include 2022 models that reuse current 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes, excluding the larger versions.

"Apple's engineers and designers are studying larger iPad Pro devices that could be available in at least two years," the announcement said. Next year, Apple may not care about the redesigned iPad Pro, which is currently introduced in 2022.

"The big iPad will be the perfect device for many people and the lines between tablets and laptops will continue to be blurred," she added.

Others suggest that these tablets may not be released at all.

iPad Pro is bigger

On June 4, it was reported that Apple is once again working on adding glass to its 2022 iPad Pro line, bringing the line in line with the iPhone 12 design.

It also claims to offer a wireless charging system similar to MagSafe. The glass design on the back contributes to the development of wireless charging systems.

There are also allegations that Apple is developing something called Reverse Charge or Double Charge for the iPad Pro.

The larger screen size blurs the lines between the 16-inch iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro.

However, many customers still believe that iPadOS is not taking full advantage of iPad Pro devices.

Gorman said Apple needs to get Mac apps and Mac-like multitasking apps to run Windows apps more smoothly on the iPad Pro.

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