Dell has problems with Alienware computers
Dell has problems with Alienware computers

Dell has been sued in California for alleging that the Alienware Area-51m R1 laptop offers unprecedented scalability.

Alienware customer Robert Felter accused the company of fraudulent marketing campaigns, promising that the laptop's core components, including the CPU and GPU, could be replaced with more powerful models.

A year later, the successor to the Alienware Area-51m R1 was released and its new components were not offered as an upgrade to the original model.

The suit states: “Consumers have been misled by Dell's fraudulent marketing activities and overcharged because their unprecedented long-term scalability allows them to upgrade core components of their PCs and laptops without purchasing new hardware. Providing the money." "

Dell released the Alienware Area 51-m R1 at CES 2019. The computer offers a variety of 8th and 9th generation processor options (including the i7-8700, i7-9700K, or i9-9900K) and graphics cards (including the Nvidia RTX 2070 and) . 2080).

Dell encountered a problem:

When the Alienware Area 51-m R2 was released in May of the following year, new 10th generation Intel processors and GPUs were introduced that weren't available as the updated Alienware Area 51-m R1.

Among the specific promises Dell made when it launched its first generation of laptops, it's clear that it hasn't broken any technically.

She said: The laptop supports Intel processors with the Z390 chip. Compatible with Alienware 8th and 9th generation processors in the Area 51-m R1.

However, when Dell announced the Alienware Area 51-m R2. Intel's new 10th generation processors use a new 400-series chipset.

Given that Intel's decision is to replace the chipset, it can be said that this decision is beyond Dell's control.

The lawsuit alleges that Dell had to realize that the Intel and Nvidia products not mentioned were not suitable for laptops. Dell works closely with both companies and you must understand their product specifications before making the product available to the public.

The lawsuit alleges: Dell launched a global campaign to deceive the public into believing that Alienware's 51m R1 is scalable. And understand that its design cannot be adapted to future Intel and Nvidia chips.

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