Facebook ends special treatment of politicians
Facebook ends special treatment of politicians

Facebook changed its previous permanent ban on former President Donald Trump and others to a two-year prison term that runs through January 7, 2023.

Then review Trump's ban to see if the threat to public safety has subsided.

If Trump reinstates and breaks Facebook's rules, the company will impose a set of harsh and rapidly increasing sanctions that could lead to a permanent restraining order.

Commenting brings with it broader changes in the way Facebook handles messages that violate its rules and comments from politicians.

Social networks always make it possible to keep certain content that is currently objectionable or of public interest. But when he applied the generous publication exemption, he began publishing rare instances.

Policies are now governed by the same content rules as other users.

This is a surprising shift that may affect the way elected officials use social networks around the world.

Facebook's previous policy was primarily to protect elected officials from such apps.

"When we rate content based on the importance of news, we will treat content posted by politicians no differently from content posted by someone else," Facebook wrote.

We apply the newsletter credit test to everything the same way. We measure whether the public interest value of the content outweighs the potential harm caused by the regulation of the content.

Facebook does not protect politicians

Facebook executives have previously emphasized that political statements are primarily in the public interest and that private companies should only intervene in very special cases.

This position has enabled Trump and other elected leaders to use the platform in a way that ordinary users are penalized under Facebook's content rules.

With the new changes, the company may further anger governments that have begun threatening tech companies with censorship of political speech.

Trump called Facebook's move an insult to his supporters who voted in the fraudulent presidential election. He added that companies should not be allowed to evade this control and silence.

Facebook made these changes at the request of its oversight committee, which asked it to review its recommendations to clarify the status of Trump's account and change his dealings with politicians and other users.

Facebook also shared more information about its alert system for content that violates its rules but does not require immediate comment.

Receiving a sufficient number of violations may result in permanent account suspension. However, Facebook did not explain in detail how the warning system works. Because she is afraid that people will manipulate the system.

Facebook has announced some important details. This also means that you can receive notifications about acceptance of illegal content via the homepage you manage and that all notifications expire after one year.

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