Facebook helps creators bypass Apple's commission
Facebook helps creators bypass Apple's commission

Facebook has targeted the content creation economy and hopes to enable millions of people to make money from its suite of apps.

Instagram Director Adam Mosseri has stated that Facebook hopes to facilitate offline transactions between content creators and businesses in order to avoid Apple's 30% commission on in-app purchases.

He said Apple insists on taking 30% when making digital transactions on iOS. There are a few exceptions. We have to follow the iOS transaction rules. However, we are looking for other ways to help content creators make money and facilitate transactions made elsewhere.

For example, if we can help brands and content creators come together, they can conduct these transactions offline. Affiliate marketing is real goods, not digital goods. This is why we try to rely on content creators for a steady income.

Apple typically receives 30% of purchases of software or digital products through apps sold through the App Store.

This could mean that content creators have to share income from in-app products with each other, such as Facebook and Apple.

Facebook did not disclose the amount of its commission. But she said it's less than 30% for Apple.

Facebook supports creators:

To avoid this situation, Instagram can pay content creators to connect with brands or others offline. So try to make money on iOS.

This will be a major problem for the company that has been at odds with Apple for the past several years.

The battle over content producers is escalating as social media companies try to get them to spend more time on their platforms in order to generate more ad revenue.

But today, YouTubers have a say in where they spend their time. As a result, social media companies are increasingly trying to attract influencers in ways that are mutually beneficial.

The company offers services such as commission collection through marketing, direct rewards, and subscription content.

Mosseri said if we want to be the best place for online content creators. We are forced to offer a number of these types of monetized products because there is a lot of competition that starts up quickly.

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