Facebook introduces a new community management tools
Facebook introduces a new community management tools

The Facebook platform introduces a new set of tools to help group managers take control of the community.

Some tools provide a clearer overview of posts and members, while others are designed to help resolve differences.

Facebook said the AI-enabled feature can identify controversial or unhealthy conversations in comments.

This tool is called Conflict Alert and Facebook says it is currently testing it, so usability is unclear. Similar to the existing Keyword Alert feature, this feature allows moderators to create custom alerts when reviewers use certain words and phrases. But it uses machine learning models to try to detect more subtle types of problems.

Once administrators receive an alert, they can take action by removing comments, excluding users from the group, limiting the number of individual comments or the frequency of comments on certain messages.

The company uses a machine learning model to examine various cues, such as response time and volume of comments, to determine whether interactions between users have or could lead to negative interactions.

Facebook helps manage the community:

For example, let's say the Conflict Alert feature uses an artificial intelligence system similar to the one that Facebook has deployed to report offensive material across the site.

These types of models are not 100% reliable. They are often deceived by simple things like humor, sarcasm, and slang.

However, these systems must be able to detect the clearest signs of controversy.

Other new management tools introduced today include the new administration home page. It acts as a dashboard and provides an overview of the posts, members, and comments posted.

There is also a function to access the summary of new members. This function summarizes the activities of each member of the group, for example b. The number of times they were posted and commented on or when their posts in the group were deleted or ignored.

There is also a new admin assist feature to automatically review comments. With this functionality, administrators can restrict who can make comments (for example, allowing newly added users to be blocked).

In addition, it helps reduce spam and promotions by blocking certain links.

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