Facebook is developing artificial intelligence for its services
Facebook is developing artificial intelligence for its services

Facebook launched TextStyleBrush, an artificial intelligence research project that can simulate, edit, and replace handwritten text and scenes with a single word in an image.

Facebook researchers have developed the first self-monitored model of artificial intelligence that can, for example, transcribe text in handwritten scenarios and in the real world with a single word.

The past few years have shown that facial, voice, and lip movements can be reproduced with artificial intelligence.

The company noted that most AI systems can copy and replace text for well-defined, specialized tasks, but TextStyleBrush is different in that it can copy text in handwriting and in real-life scenes.

Because the possibilities and nuances of the text differ, this is more difficult with AI models.

According to Facebook, this means understanding the infinite text modes of different styles and fonts, as well as various transformations such as rotation, text warping, and pen and paper distortion when writing.

According to Facebook, TextStyleBrush is the first self-monitoring AI model that can copy and replace text in handwritten scenes and real text with a single sample word in an image.

The company said it showed great accuracy in automated testing and user search for all types of text. You also intend to submit this work to academic journals for evaluation.

Facebook and Artificial Intelligence:

The AI ​​template works just like the pattern brush tool used in a word processor.

In this case, the action is applied to the aesthetics of the text in the image. However, Facebook researchers using TextStyleBrush decided to forgo the traditional method. The point is to define precise criteria such as writing style or target style control.

“We are taking a more comprehensive training approach and separating the content of the text image from the different aspects of its appearance throughout the word box,” Facebook said.

"The overall appearance representation can then be used as a starting point without recycling the new source mounts," she added.

However, TextStyleBrush is not limitless. The company said: These restrictions include text written with metal objects or text in letters of different colors.

Facebook admits that deep fake script attacks are a problem. She said that by making her research public, she hopes to stimulate more research to prevent these attacks.

The company said that if AI researchers can develop this technology first, they can learn to better recognize this new type of deepfake and develop a robust system to counter it.

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