Facebook officially launches live audio rooms
Facebook officially launches live audio rooms

Facebook launched a club-style live audio room on Monday, as well as a way to find and play podcasts on its platform to celebrate the progress of social audio through the world's largest social network.

Facebook launched a potential rival in the club after the early success of its Live Voice app, which has been hit hard during the lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) is a celebrity from Silicon Valley, who suddenly appeared in the new extended application for Android users.

Hoping to use audio as the main medium on its platform, Facebook is joining Twitter and Discord, with the latter launching its own live audio product.

Spotify has launched its own version called Greenroom. Microsoft Slack, Reddit, and LinkedIn also develop similar products.

US public figures and some Facebook groups using iOS can create live audio rooms for up to 50 speakers and an unlimited number of listeners.

The real-time audio room has many additional features, such as notifications when your friends or subscribers join the room and real-time translation.

There is a hand raise button to ask to participate in the conversation and comments can be made on the interaction during the chat.

According to Facebook, these users can also invite people without verification badges to speak. IOS and Android users can tap the room.

The company has worked hard to attract content creators and says it works with public figures such as musicians, journalists and athletes in the live sound room.

Facebook launches a live broadcast room:

Listeners can send stars to the makers in the Live Sound Room via Facebook. Zuckerberg said the company won't earn commissions on creator income until 2023.

Group admins can control who can create rooms. Including administrators, group members, or other administrators.

Public group chats can also be accessed within and outside the group, but private group chats are limited to members.

In addition, the host can also use the live donation button displayed in the chat to select a charitable event or fundraise to continue the entertainment.

There are also many select podcasts on Facebook for American listeners. The company said it will be added to this first list soon.

People can listen to podcasts with mini players or full screen players. There are several playback controls including the ability to listen when the screen is off.

Facebook faces the challenge of managing audio content recorded in real time, including private Facebook groups.

Facebook is also creating a joint venture with Spotify to share and listen to music on the platform.

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