Fiat only wants to produce electric cars by 2030
Fiat only wants to produce electric cars by 2030

Italian carmaker Fiat has pledged to become an all-electric brand by 2030.

The company has committed to phasing out all models of internal combustion engines from global production lines from 2025.

The company recently launched an all-new version of the popular city car, the Fiat 500, which is sold with the current internal combustion engine.

The company hopes to improve the use of electric vehicles, remove barriers to entry including improving charging infrastructure, and help improve air quality.

“Between 2025 and 2030, our product range will gradually become an all-electric model. This will be a fundamental change for Fiat,” said Olivier Francois, President of Fiat.

He added: The decision to launch the new electric car, the Fiat 500, was taken before the outbreak of the Corona virus. We knew then that the world would not accept any further concessions. It reminds us of the urgent need to act and do something for the sake of planet Earth.

With stricter laws in place, Fiat will be the last brand to commit to completely or completely redesigning its fleet.

Several countries, including the UK, have pledged to ban sales of nearly all new zero-emission vehicles from 2030.

However, Fiat's electrification commitment prior to that date applies to countries that still allow sales of internal combustion engines.

Fiat converts to electricity:

The move is in line with Fiat's growing focus on city cars, led by the Fiat 500. It also differentiates the brand from other major brands in the Stylantis group such as Vauxhall and Citroen.

Other than the new Fiat 500, Fiat has not provided any information about future electric vehicle projects. However, the brand states that production will not be limited to city cars.

In 2019, Centoventi launched the Concept EV, which introduced the next generation of the Fiat Panda. This car will likely use a small platform developed by Fiat to support the new Fiat 500.

The company can also develop electric vehicles through the STLA platform used by the Peugeot e208 and Vauxhall Corsa-e.

The Turin-based company aims to increase the availability of charging stations for communities that cannot be visited regularly and hopes to increase the number of fast charging points.

Fiat has confirmed its transition to an all-electric brand while also declaring that it is rethinking the urban environment in the age of electric vehicles.

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