Twitter has a dedicated audio room
Twitter has a dedicated audio room

If you have any questions about Twitter's participation in Spaces, the company offers its own social audio functions like Clubhouse.

Twitter is testing a new version of its iOS app that adds a feature-specific section between the Explore area and the notifications tab. The goal is to make this functionality an important part of the user experience.

The company was teased by the change after chief financial officer Ned Segal reviewed an early version of the feature in May.

Application researcher Jane Manchun Wong recently discovered this new tag.

It now appears that only about 500 people will be able to use the new label and these are Spaces' first beta testers.

At the moment, this tab seems to make it easier for you to find the sections that show the people you follow.

A Twitter spokesperson said the current version of the feature includes more details, such as the names of hosts and attendees you know on each card.

Users can also provide feedback about the feature and post reminders for upcoming audio rooms.

It's not hard to imagine that one day this might help users discover new conversations because the Seagal version contains a portion of your network abroad.

Twitter is committed to spaces:

This feature makes the sound room as close as possible to the club. Even if the person you're following isn't currently sharing a room, room suggestions will appear.

The new game can also clear some confusion because currently the main place to find rooms with fleets is at the top of the app.

Although Twitter uses visual cues to differentiate Fleet from Spaces. However, it is a narrow area of ​​the application that is difficult to navigate.

Spaces do not replace any other tabs. This means that the navigation bar should now contain five icons instead of four.

This change also underscores the importance of Spaces to Twitter. Although the company has released a number of new features over the past year, Spaces is the first to add a new section to the app's main navigation bar.

In addition, the company plans to allow some users to sell chat tickets in Spaces.

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