Firefox has redesigned bigger tabs
Firefox has redesigned bigger tabs

The Mozilla Foundation has redesigned Firefox and one of the first changes you'll notice is the new tab look.

Web browsers are usually not fixed. Hence, it is worth going into detail to understand what happens when it does.

With the latest Firefox overhaul, Mozilla has started to focus on reducing errors, extra clicks, and wasted time.

For this reason, notifications now take up less space. You will also see fewer warnings and messages, and when they appear they will have a clean design and language to avoid confusion.

In the course of the redesign, the sign has also been modified and is now larger than before.

Tabs now have a curved design and appear to float above the menu bar.

In contrast, in Google Chrome or Safari, the focus tab appears to be linked directly to the toolbar.

Mozilla uses this method to remind users that they can rearrange tabs however they want.

"We separate browser tabs so they can be moved, rearranged, dragged into new windows, and organized so you can easily find them," she said.

Firefox review:

Having focused on troubleshooting, the company has also made it easier to mute and reactivate tags.

Mozilla has also simplified the toolbar and menu to three columns.

The company said it has standardized the additional menus to avoid confusion and put the programs you use often in one easily accessible place.

As part of the toolbar redesign, the shield icon in the URL bar lights up, indicating that Firefox Advanced Data Protection is running in the background.

Mozilla has also changed Firefox's privacy mode. When using this tool, full browser cookie protection is now activated by default.

This means that Firefox stores all cookies separately so that no website you visit can share this information.

With iOS, Mozilla takes special care to reduce the number of steps required to use some important browser functions.

As Mozilla itself has pointed out, your browser is your window to the Internet. It can improve or spoil your web browsing experience.

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