Google adjusts Android selection screen in Europe
Google adjusts Android selection screen in Europe

Google is scrapping the auction system that forces other providers to bid for the right to appear as the default search engine option on Android.

After receiving a $5 billion fine and antitrust action in 2018, Europeans can use basic apps and services by default on Android instead of using Google's online products.

Users in this area will see the Android selection screen when setting up their device or after performing a factory reset.

You can choose your default search engine from a number of options. However, the three vendors that come with a Google search were identified through the bidding process.

Some competing search engines describe the pay-per-view method as unfair. The European Commission said it intervened after rivals raised concerns about the approach.

"The European Council discussed with Google how this selection screen could be improved to solve these problems," the committee said.

Google Books: After more feedback from the panel, we are now making the final changes to the selection screen. This also includes free participation for qualified research providers.

We are also working to increase the number of search engines that appear on the screen. These changes will take effect on Android devices from September this year.

Google standard:

The advanced selection screen contains up to 12 search engine options. When you use it as your browser, the option you choose will become the default for your home screen and Google Chrome searches.

The provider's search application will also be installed on your device, indicating that only public search engines are appropriate.

Eligible public search engines must have a free search app on the Google Play Store.

The use of vertical search engines (ie those focused on specific topics) is prohibited. Sellers that share Google search results and ads are also not included in the list.

These changes will take effect for new Android devices sold in the UK and European Economic Area from September 1.

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