Google enhances verification process for Android developers
Google enhances verification process for Android developers

Google is improving Android App Store integration by adding new restrictions and protections to developer accounts.

In short, Google Play Store developers will need to verify their email address and phone number and provide other details like the real address to improve security and make sure the account is created by a real person.

Developers should also use two-factor authentication.

The search giant said it is making changes to keep its stores safe and better serve its developer community. It also ensures that any account created by a real person has real contact information.

The announcement coincided with the creation of a number of developer accounts by the provider that allow others to download malware and other rogue apps from the Google Play Store.

Screenshots of Cybercrime Forum posts show that these accounts cost $89 each.

At the same time, the requirement for two-step verification is expected to make it more difficult for scammers to break into and steal legitimate developer accounts.

This reflects a similar change that the search giant announced earlier this year for regular Google accounts, and now allows two-factor authentication by default.

Google enhances verification process for Android developers

These changes are significant from the current Google Developer Account Policy, which only requires new registrants to provide an email address and phone number.

The company stated that the public will not see your physical address or any other detailed information and that it will only be used to confirm your identity and communicate with you.

Google is gradually introducing new requirements. Starting today, account holders can choose to set their account type to Personal or Business and view their contact information.

In August, all new subscribers will have to follow the same steps when creating an account. And use two-step verification.

Additionally, these changes will be fully implemented for all existing accounts later this year.

These changes are being made as part of a larger battle against rogue apps on the Google Play Store. This activity prevents developers from using certain instructions to require installation.

App menus can no longer use flashy features like capital letters or emojis in their titles, or contain phrases like "download now."

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