Google is migrating parts of YouTube to the cloud
Google is migrating parts of YouTube to the cloud

Google is migrating part of the popular YouTube video service from the advertising company's internal data center infrastructure to the company's cloud service.

These efforts show that Google is looking inward to expand its share of the growing cloud computing market and reduce its reliance on ads that appear through its search engine.

Google has historically relied on its own system to run the most frequently used applications on computer servers in its data centers.

Google Cloud Platform shows a clear symbiosis. For example, Google has made no effort to migrate the search engine named after it to the company's public cloud.

But the company's perception of getting the best value for its products with the cloud has changed, as has third-party applications.

The company said last month that part of cloud development is making our services more popular. Some content has been moved from YouTube to the cloud platform.

The changes will help Google:

The change brings the search giant closer to its main rivals in the US, Amazon and Microsoft.

In 2019, Amazon said that after years of hard work, its consumer business gradually shifted from Oracle databases to AWS databases.

Microsoft is also trying to make its social networks LinkedIn and Minecraft more dependent on the company's Azure public cloud.

Popular productivity app Google Workspace Suite, Waze navigation app and DeepMind AI research team rely on the search giant's cloud infrastructure.

But YouTube is different because it is the second largest website on the internet with more than 2 billion monthly users.

Google acquired the platform in 2006 for $1.65 billion.

Google's decision to move YouTube and other major services may make it easier to convince large companies to use Google's cloud or run existing apps on Google's cloud platform.

The search giant can claim that the cloud works well enough for critical workloads. This increased his cloud earnings.

Approximately 58% of Alphabet's first-quarter revenue came from search and advertising served by search engines, and Gmail, and maps and other online destinations operated by Alphabet.

Google's cloud activities generate 7% of sales. But it grows faster.

The search giant captured 5% of the cloud infrastructure market in 2019, while Amazon captured 45% and Microsoft about 18%.

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