Google launches Pixel Buds A-series headphones
Google launches Pixel Buds A-series headphones

After the second generation of the Nest Hub, Google's next big new product is the Pixel Buds A series.

As the name suggests, Google offers a more expensive pair of wireless headphones that builds on the company's success with mid-range phones.

Many aspects of the A Series are compatible with the second generation of Pixel Buds released by Google in April 2020.

The design is quite similar to the touch dome surface, it can accept optical presses (single, double and triple) and long press to operate the processor, and both earbuds can accept gestures.

However, you cannot swipe to control the volume. And you need to use voice commands.

This is a cost-cutting metric from Google. This means that people care a lot about adaptive audio to automatically adjust the volume to suit your current environment.

It will be temporarily disabled during manual adjustment and will resume when conditions change. Bass Boost can also be used to enhance bass sounds.

Inside there is a 12mm dynamic speaker and two microphones. Keep the same 3-point mounting system to secure the Pixel Buds A to your ears.

There is also a soft rubber stand and soft earbuds (including three sizes).

In addition, Google has also retained the spatial aperture to allow for ambient noise and avoid the feeling of stuffy ears.

Due to its IPX4 sweat and water resistance, it can be worn during exercise. Thanks to in-ear detection by the infrared proximity sensor, it automatically shuts off when pulled out or opened when inserted.

The battery life of each Pixel Buds A-Series earphone is still 5 hours of listening (2.5 hours of talk time). The charging case can be used for 24 hours.

It can run for three hours after being charged for 15 minutes. But there is no wireless charging.

Google announced the Pixel Buds A series:

The biggest upgrade is the new chipset. Each earphone is directly connected to your mobile phone. Instead of connecting a speaker to the source device and then passing the signal to another speaker.

These upgraded devices also provide more powerful transmission capabilities to improve connectivity and reduce latency. This should fix some audio issues that users encounter while using the second generation.

These headphones do not have AI-based attention alerts. If crying, barking or beeping sounds, these alarms automatically reduce the content being played and ring the bell.

The ability to share speakers with individual volume control is also gone. This is because there is no accelerometer or gyroscope to detect motion.

Other than that, you can use software features like Google Assistant and translation.

Pixel Buds A-Series are available for pre-order in the US and Canada for $99. It will be available in these two countries on June 17th.

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