Google Meet makes the raised hand more visible
Google Meet makes the raised hand more visible

Google Meet is Google's answer to Zoom and other video calling services. As part of the continuous updating of the workspace, some adjustments will be made.

So, new changes include new hand-raising animations, notification tones, and adjustments to how the host knows how to raise their hand.

While the updates are simple for anyone who uses Google Meet to create large groups or attend webinars regularly, these tweaks are helpful.

Here is a breakdown of the changes Google saw in the update rollout from Workspace users:

  •     Updated and improved icons and animations through the video window.
  •     The square of the person raising his hand can be moved to make it more visible in the video grid.
  •     Audio notification for all participants when the first hand is raised.
  •     Clickable notification showing the number of raised hands assigned to an organized queue of all participants with raised hands.
  •     Participants' hands are automatically lowered after speaking.

By default, all of these features are enabled. Google said the goal is to make actions clearer and easier to process. The first is to update and improve the visual icons and animations in the video field.

Subtraction speed via Google Meet:

  •     Quick Start Window: A step-by-step introduction as of June 16, 2021 (features may take longer than 15 days to appear).
  •     Planned release period: June 30, 2021 for phased adoption (features may take up to 15 days to become available).

According to Google, this new feature applies to all meetings created by hosts, Workspace Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Plus, and Nonprofits - Use G Suite Business accounts.

Most importantly, you have to wait longer for the workspace changes to be announced at I/O 2021.

Additionally, Google recently made Workspace available to anyone with a Google account and enabled new chat and chat features (an alternative to G Chat and Slack).

The biggest change to make all workspace applications more interoperable and streamlined is yet to come.

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