Google's plan to remove cookies is moot
Google's plan to remove cookies is moot

UK competition groups have an opinion on Google's plan to remove browser-related files that track people online.

Competition and Market: Google is committed to addressing its concerns about the proposal.

Competition and the market are hurting newspapers and other companies that rely on personalized advertising.

Baking through a web file is a small piece of code that a website makes available to a visitor's browser.

It can be used to track online activity such as adding items to a shopping cart. Advertisers often add cookies to external services to provide services to people with personalized complaints.

Google plans to delete cookies from third-party organizations via the Google Chrome browser and replace them with alternatives.

The company launched an initiative called Privacy Sandbox last year to address privacy concerns related to cookies.

One of Google's suggestions is the name of the puzzle. The competition and market opened a formal investigation in January.

Google is working with the Office of Competitiveness Commissioners and the Marketplace to develop privacy sandbox proposals.

The company has publicly pledged to release the results of all tests to determine the efficacy of the alternatives. She said: There will be no preferential treatment for Google+ products or websites.

Google wants to take a closer look:

Andrea Coseli, CEO, Competition and Marketing: If the promise we got from Google is accepted, it will be legally binding, encourage competition in the digital marketplace and help protect online publishers who raise money through ads, as well as to protect users' privacy ability.

Competition and the market said: Before deciding to accept Google's commitment, Google consulted with outside interested parties.

If approved, the competition and market lands on Google and they share the details of their proposal.

Google said: We appreciate the way the competition and market tag in the review and share in the exhibition about the difficulties encountered in this process.

We also welcome comments received during public consultations and continue to raise key issues related to competition, market power, and industry. We understand that our plan is under review, so we will continue to work with other regulators, industry partners and data protection experts. .

The move is the latest sign of the increasingly competitive role of competition and market power in the scrutiny of the world's major tech companies - global antitrust investigations - after the UK left the European Union.

The government regulator has been tasked with creating a new digital market unit to monitor competition in the UK internet market.

Last week, the United Kingdom and the European Union launched two separate Facebook surveys on the same day. Apple is also the subject of antitrust investigations in the UK and Europe.

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