Instagram lets you share links in Stories
Instagram lets you share links in Stories

The ability to add dropdown links to the Instagram Stories feature is limited to a small number of users as your account must be approved by the company or have more than 10,000 followers.

The platform always specified who can post dropdown links through stories. But a new test that could expand this capability is now being started.

The test enabled a small number of Instagram users to link to the site using Stories stickers.

People taking this test cannot provide dropdown links. Or you can send a poster.

These labels work the same way as dropdown links. But you have to click instead of drag.

People can also use stickers to reply to stories, and currently cannot reply to stories through dropdown links.

For now, the test is still small, and Instagram lead producer Vishal Shah said, “We want to know how people can benefit from links.

The platform hopes to keep track of the types of links people are posting. Make sure that they do not use this feature to send spam and error messages.

He also said that the stickers are a better fit for the way people are currently using the platform.

Instagram is testing links in Stories

The company hopes to use stickers as the primary means of accessing websites outside the platform.

Shah added that link stickers are the ultimate goal of the Instagram platform for everyone as well as those with privileges.

"This is the future system we want," he said. If we can finish this job, we hope to get it.

Links are currently limited to stories. However, Shah said there are no plans to bring them to the broadcast or any other part of the app.

The test appears to be aimed primarily at people who detect sounds and enter the platform. However, you may not have the required level to get the Instagram drop down link permissions.

For example, activists process calls to action but cannot direct people to website resources. This test can make that possible.

This test is small, so the platform isn't going to change anytime soon, but it could be the start of people browsing the web a lot through the Instagram app.

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