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Instagram draws the attention of the Senate

Instagram Adds New Map Search Tool

Instagram wants to solve the problem of its harmful effects on young people

Instagram is developing a new function to turn Stories into reels

Instagram is testing a Favorites feature to organize your feed

When you open the app Instagram asks for your birthday

Instagram creators looking out the back door

Instagram is testing search by interests

Instagram puts ads in store tags

Instagram has removed the swipe up link for Stories

Instagram allows you to limit direct messages and comments

Instagram is testing ads in store tabs

Instagram leaves artists and photographers in favor of videos

Ban Instagram accounts for $60

Instagram shows how the Reels algorithm works

Instagram expands Reels video to 60 seconds

Instagram makes teen accounts private by default

Instagram between a lot of influencers and poor viewership

The latest Instagram experience promotes the Facebook app

Instagram is testing a re-share sticker for Stories

Instagram starts a security check to protect the account

Instagram is testing comment limits to reduce abuse

Instagram is developing its own Twitter Super Follow version

Instagram is focusing on switching to TikTok mode

Instagram lets you share links in Stories

Instagram is testing fan club stories

Instagram puts suggested posts before your friends

Instagram pushes to expand reels ads

Instagram sheds more light on how it works

Instagram expands the usefulness of branding tools

Instagram displays live video stats

Instagram is developing a new payment method called Rewards

Instagram removes posts from Al-Aqsa Mosque

Instagram is adding caption option for stories

Instagram helps influencers earn more income

Instagram is bringing ads to the Reels feature

Instagram automatically blocks offensive direct messages

Instagram can give you the option to hide likes

Instagram launches Reels Remix which is similar to TikTok Duet

Instagram limits messaging between teens and adults

Instagram Lite reaches 170 countries with support for Reels

Instagram integrates Reels' videos into its Facebook feed

Instagram helps fight eating disorders

Instagram fights rare username theft

Instagram is testing vertical feed stories

Instagram adds a professional dashboard for creators

Instagram tests a new story design

Instagram launches the purchase function for all Reels users

Instagram develops frequently asked questions for businesses

Instagram is renewing its application for Messaging Threads

Instagram temporarily deletes the tab recently

Children's data spurs Instagram investigations

Instagram agrees to place restrictions on influencer ads

Instagram intends to test the purchases on the listings later this year

British environmental broadcaster Atenbara sets record for Instagram

Instagram rejects upcoming iPhone system update

The new design could improve roles on Instagram

Instagram fights fake accounts with identity verification

Instagram denies not deleting photos and direct messages from its servers

Instagram disables related tags

An Instagram bug showing camera cursor in iOS 14

Instagram activates the installed comment function for all users

Instagram tests the status of all stories on one page

Instagram may change the way you use the post feature

First time on Instagram Instagram shares its benefits with content producers

Instagram closed the Instagram Lite app

Instagram announces new anti-bullying features

An Instagram bug that allows posting too long photos

Instagram launches a live fundraising feature

Instagram founders launch a site that simplifies tracking the spread of corona

Instagram wants to stream videos directly on IGTV

Instagram improves the stickers post in stories

Instagram announced that everyone can use private messages on the web