Microsoft is excited about the Windows 11 event through a video clip
Microsoft is excited about the Windows 11 event through a video clip

Microsoft is back in the Windows 11 excitement once again. In a new YouTube video, the software giant has released an 11-minute startup sound from different versions of Windows.

Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7 have been reduced in width by 4000% and combined to provide a convenient experience for those who are looking forward to the June 24 Windows event.

The scenes in the video mostly relate to the hills and the sky, which Microsoft has used as the default background inspiration for each operating system.

The video reads: Are you too excited for Microsoft's June 24th event and can't relax? The startup sound of Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7 has been slowed down to 4000% faster reflection reduction, so you'll experience a slow memory trip.

This clip sounds like an indication of the new startup sound for Windows 11 or an upcoming Windows release.

Microsoft is eagerly waiting for Windows 11:

Microsoft recently announced a new version of Windows and gave some hints that the next generation operating system could be called Windows 11.

In these tips, the event begins at 11am EST. There is also a shaded window in the event invitation, the scheme of which is very similar to the number 11.

For months, Microsoft executives have been eager to announce the next generation of Windows. It's clear from this video that these trailers will run into Day 11 in the coming weeks.

Microsoft is expected to release a new version of Windows with major changes to the user interface.

It seems that Microsoft has identified the startup sound, which indicates a version of Windows with major interface fixes.

The company is developing something called Sun Valley, which it calls a complete visual makeover for Windows.

And there will be more changes, including some important ones in the Windows Store.

We should know by June 24th if Microsoft is on version 11 or wants to connect to Windows Sun Valley or something completely different.

Last month, Microsoft announced that it would stop developing Windows 10X. This is the operating system he launched in the fall of 2019.

Understandably, part of the reason is that Windows 10X doesn't seem to serve users' needs. So Microsoft focused on developing visual updates for Sun Valley.

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