Microsoft lowers Windows 11 preview release requirements
Microsoft lowers Windows 11 preview release requirements

Microsoft is trying to clarify the minimum requirements for Windows 11 with a new article that has confused many people, especially regarding the types of processors supported by the new operating system.

The post stated that Intel's 6th generation, earlier Skylake processors, and non-Zen AMD processors will not meet the security, reliability, and minimum system requirements for Windows 11.

This is in line with the company's original statement that Windows 11 requires 8th generation Intel Coffee Lake processors or AMD Zen 2 and above.

But users of 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake and AMD Zen 1 processors have hope.

Windows 11 First Preview does not require TPM 2.0 or some CPU messaging to confuse things.

Microsoft uses tester data to identify potential changes to the minimum requirements.

The company explained the reasons for this. It is about wanting to better understand the system that can make the system work.

System requirements for Windows 11 preview version

By providing previews of different systems in Windows Insider, we can gain a deeper understanding of how systems work across processor models. Let us know of any changes that should be made to the minimum system requirements in the future.

Microsoft pays special attention to users with 7th generation Intel processors and AMD Zen 1 processors. See if they're getting the performance you expect in terms of reliability and security.

This news seems to confirm people's fears that Windows 11 does not support older processors, some of which can still compete with newer models depending on their performance.

Microsoft has stated that Windows 11 cannot run on these processors for a higher level of security, stability, and reliability.

The company has also temporarily removed the PC Health Check app. It is designed to let users using Windows 10 know if they can upgrade their PC to Windows 11.

The company said the app was not willing to share the level of detail or accuracy that users expect. But he said he plans to fix bugs in the app before re-releasing it later this year. At this time, the OS started in the fall (maybe in October).

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