Microsoft publishes a preview of Windows 11
Microsoft publishes a preview of Windows 11

Microsoft has released the first preview build of Windows 11. Windows Insiders can now download the preview build (Build 2200.51), which provides access to the new Start menu, multitasking features, and the improved Microsoft Store.

Unlike previous leaks, this official preview version also features an updated file browser that replaces the functional area with the command bar to simplify file management even more.

Most of the visual changes in Windows 11 that Microsoft revealed last week can be found in this first preview.

The new start menu with a centralized start interface is part of this release, along with rounded corners for the entire operating system, improvements to the notification center, and more.

If your computer has an accelerometer, the Windows 11 lock screen includes parallax motion effects.

New Windows 11 themes and improvements to light and dark modes are part of this preview, as are new widget functionality.

All of the new features were designed with the central taskbar in mind and when using the operating system, Microsoft paired them with the new Windows 11 sounds.

The two missing features in Windows 11 are Microsoft Teams integration and Android apps.

Both are still in development and testing by Microsoft, but should appear in future drafts.

Microsoft publishes a preview of Windows 11

This Windows 11 preview also includes Microsoft's new Snap Groups and Snap Layouts features to improve multitasking for different screen sizes.

These new Snap features build on many of the multitasking features that have been in Windows for many years, but make them easier and more useful to find, especially on multiple monitors.

Microsoft has also corrected the system settings. This overview contains changes that make it easier to navigate and find the settings you want.

Settings now has a left navigation panel to switch between sections more quickly.

Microsoft created new controls above to provide quick access to information or settings for each department.

In addition to Windows 11 preview, Microsoft has also released a preview of Office updates for the new operating system.

The updated user interface includes rounded corners in Office applications and some changes to how dark and light modes work.

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