OnePlus announces deeper integration with OPPO
OnePlus announces deeper integration with OPPO

Two Chinese mobile phone companies, OnePlus and Oppo, meet and merge after a long period of close cooperation.

OnePlus has become a sub-brand of Oppo. It seems that the main purpose of this movement is to accumulate more resources and formally define the working relationship between them.

In a blog post on the OnePlus Forum, CEO Pete Lau said: The company is working hard to integrate its foundation with Oppo.

However, the OnePlus branding will not go away. OnePlus will continue to launch products, organize events, and interact with customers, Liu said.

Oppo and OnePlus, as well as other mobile phone brands, are owned by a Chinese group called BKK Electronics.

When Liu was in charge of product strategy for OnePlus and Oppo last year, the two phone companies began merging some teams.

"Deeper integration with Oppo gives us more resources to develop better products for you," Liu said in a blog post.

"It also enables us to be more efficient by providing faster and more stable software updates to OnePlus users, for example," he added.

OPPO OnePlus:

OnePlus founders Pete Lau and Carl Bay worked together at Oppo. OnePlus CEO Liu was Oppo's second chief product officer in May 2020.

Since then, many OnePlus teams have teamed up with OPPO to better streamline our operations and take advantage of additional shared resources.

After OnePlus saw the positive effects of these changes, it decided to further integrate its organization into OPPO. The announcement came six months after OnePlus merged its research and development resources with Oppo.

In the short term, it looks like OnePlus customers won't change much. The company is known for its feature-rich and affordable phones.

In April, OnePlus also launched its first smartwatch, the OnePlus Watch. "OnePlus' commitment to customers remains unchanged," said Liu.

Over the past eight years, the OnePlus brand has grown into a major global powerhouse. Their products are known for their quality and ability to outperform other brands with much larger budgets.

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