Prologue: Honda's first electric SUV
Prologue: Honda's first electric SUV

Honda has announced the names of its first two electric SUVs that will be sold in North America.

According to Honda's US sales manager, the car is called Honda Prologue and will be marketed in the US and Canada in 2024.

The introduction makes sense because it is said to be a precedent for the Japanese company's efforts to fully electrify its chain by 2040.

In particular, it is also synonymous with Prelude, the name given to Honda's famous sports coupe in the 1980s.

The Prologue is the first of two models jointly developed by Honda and General Motors that use Ultium batteries from the American automaker.

The other is Acura, which was jointly developed with General Motors. But the company has not released any new information about this yet.

“Through Prologue, our goal is to offer competitive products with features that meet diverse customer needs,” Honda said.

Honda previously announced plans to develop exterior and interior components for new electric vehicles, while General Motors is developing a powertrain to support Honda's specifications.

Honda electric range Honda

These vehicles will be produced at GM's North American plant and sales are expected to begin in 2024.

Honda's interest in the introduction was first indicated in April when the automaker filed a trademark application for the name with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

According to the document, Honda said it used the name to cover ground vehicles, namely cars, all-electric vehicles, and the aforementioned structural components.

Honda is currently silent on further details or specifications regarding the introduction. But the company's goal is the approximate annual sales between Honda Passport and Honda Pilot.

Honda does not want to stop the two electric cars developed in cooperation with General Motors. Instead, he plans to launch a line of electric cars based on Honda's electronic engineering in the second half of the 20th century.

These vehicles will help the Japanese company achieve its goal of becoming fully electric by 2040.

Compared to other automakers, the NEC has a limited range.

The company recently abandoned its Clarity EV but continues to sell hydrogen and hybrid versions of the vehicle. The Honda E, introduced last summer, is only available in Japan and Europe.

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