Bonsaii 8 Sheets Strip Cut Shredders for Home Office
Bonsaii 8 Sheets Strip Cut Shredders for Home Office


Bonsaii Home Document Shredder 8 Bonsai Document Shredders for Home Office Credit Card Document Shredders With Overheating and Overload Protection 3.5 Gallon Container Black

Meet your daily needs

The DocShred Shredder can shred multi-page documents (up to 8 copies at a time) into particles as small as 0.24 inch and high security P-2 for your home and office needs.

Protect your privacy

In addition to shredding paper with staples and pliers, ATM receipts, credit cards, mortgage statements, payment slips, insurance packages, and other old or unwanted information can fit your needs, too.

Multipurpose shredder

The paper shredder, equipped with a durable steel knife, can destroy paper as well as CDs, DVDs, clips and essential items to protect the security of your various types of confidential information.

Paper jam protection system

With the start function, the engine starts automatically as soon as the sensor detects that something is being pulled. The auto start and manual reverse function protects you from paper jams. If you load a lot of paper and cause a paper jam, you can clear the jam simply by switching REV manually.

3.5 gallon trash can

The shredding container can hold up to 3.5 gallons before you need to empty it. Very suitable for use in small offices and apartments with high frequency. Please also note that if the safety switch is activated, the shredder will not operate after the head is raised. And you don't have to worry about the tool still working.

And therefore

You can take the machine head out of the trash and put it in other types of storage containers to hold scraps of paper. Note: The cutter is made under the head of the machine, please pay attention to safety and keep children away from the machine when it is in operation.

Bonsaii 8 Sheets Strip Cut Shredders for Home Office
Bonsaii 8 Sheets Strip Cut Shredders for Home Office

  •  Basic shredding capability - In addition to shredding paper (ATM receipts, bills, payment receipts, spam and other important documents), this home shredder can also shred clips, CDs, credit cards, DVDs, clips and basic materials. This 8-sheet paper shredder can meet your different daily needs. The paper can be shredded into 6mm strips, which complies with P2 safety standard.
  • Overheating and Overload Protection - Chipper design, suitable for small offices, with 3-minute continuous run time and 30-minute cool-down cycle, with overheat/overload LED indicators. If the cutting size exceeds this value, the control lamp will warn you, the automatic shutdown thermal protection can protect your machine well.
  • SAFETY FEATURE - The paper shredder is lightweight. Once the sensor detects that something is about to be shredded, the shredder automatically turns on, tearing it and dropping it into the 3.5 gallon container below. With safety function, this high performance document shredder stops after shredding parts are lifted and provides perfect security for home and office.
  • Humanized design of tilted paper feed for safety, with auto start mode and manual reverse rotation to clear paper jams. When a paper jam occurs, you can toggle the REV button manually for easier handling. The medium size (11.8 x 7.1 x 14.3 inches) fits in a desk or other workstation, making it handy for small business or home office use.
  • 24 hour customer service with 1 year bonsaii limited protection. Note: Please read the user manual, troubleshooting guide and video tutorial before use. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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