Review Bonsaii Home Office 6 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder
Review Bonsaii Home Office 6 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Bonsai Home Office Paper Shredder Six Household Cross Paper Shredders Mini Household Paper Shredder Portable Handle Design 3.4 Gallon

This 6 Sheet Home Paper Shredder can quickly shred paper into small pieces of 13/64 x 1-37 / 64 inches (5 x 40 mm) without removing the staples. With anti-jamming and overheating system, convenient for your experience.

The accidental crusher is very suitable for protecting your privacy (security level P-3). It destroys your important and confidential files and keeps them safe, reducing the risk of your identity theft.

Overload and overheat protection

The grinder runs continuously for 4 minutes, then cools down for 40 minutes. If the machine keeps shredding the paper during maximum continuous running time and it becomes too hot to stop working, please don't pull the paper you shredded, just turn off the machine and let it cool down for about 40 minutes, it will do it. Continue working again.

Automatic start and manual reversal

If you switch to automatic mode, the sensor will start shredding as soon as the sensor detects what needs shredding and the 3.4 gallon shredded paper will fall from the trash. Finally, you can use Rev mode to easily clean the jammed paper. Remember to clean the container when the container is two-thirds full.

High security level P-3

This cross-cut paper shredder can quickly turn documents with high security level P-3 into small pieces quickly. Combined with an upgraded stainless steel blade, it can destroy ATM receipts, credit card statements, mortgage statements, deposit slips, insurance packages, staples and small paper clips. Don't worry about important information being leaked.

Perfect for your home office

The Bonsaii Small Home Office shredder is easy to use and ideal for your home office. It can destroy all your sensitive personal information, from old tax documents and invoices to bank statements. The shredder can shred up to 6 sheets of paper at a time into particles as small as 13/64 x 1-37 / 64 inches (5 x 40 mm) in standard cross-section, reducing critical documents for identity theft.

Don't worry and easy to use

The bonsai shredder has a small ergonomic handle that allows you to slightly lift the cut part to empty the garbage when you look at it from the front window.
When a sensor in the center of the paper feed slot detects that paper is in automatic mode, paper shredding begins automatically. If the paper shredder fails due to paper overflow, manual reversing can help clear the jam.

Overheating protection

Bonsai cutting machine is equipped with overheat protection. If the maximum operating time is exceeded and it continues to break down and start overheating, the machine automatically shuts down to protect the motor.

Review Bonsaii Home Office 6 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder
Review Bonsaii Home Office 6 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder

  •  The Cross Shredder-Home Office Document Shredder can cut a document shredder to 13/64 x 1-37 / 64 inches (5 x 40 mm) in no time without removing the staples.
  • Security Level P-3 - Perfect protection for your personal data. This 6-sheet paper shredder for home office can shred clips, staples, credit cards (individually), receipts, invoices and important documents.
  • Overload and Overheating Protection - Bonsai crusher runs continuously for 4 minutes and then takes 40 minutes to cool down. Let the slicer stand if you cut it too long.
  • PORTABLE HANDLE DESIGN - The easy to use handle facilitates use and the clear 3.4 gallon (13 gallon) window box is easy to see when the trash is full. Safety lock design to ensure your safety. Auto start and manual reversal can easily clear paper jams.
  • The medium size (14.1 x 11.8 x 7 inches) makes it as convenient as it can be used in a small home office or work desk. Bonsaii shredders offer one year limited protection and 24/7 online service.

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