PHILIMORE Two Way Instant Voice Translator 82 Language
PHILIMORE Two Way Instant Voice Translator 82 Language

PHILIMORE Two Way Voice Translator Devices Translator & Simultaneous Voice Translator Support 82 Languages ​​For International Travel, Study, Business, Chat, Shopping, White

  •  Multi-language translator: This language translator supports translation in 82 languages, two-way translation, the device voice is clear and loud, and can easily meet the needs of multilingual translation, so that you can successfully communicate across borders.
  • Versatility of voice and two-way translator: speech and language B can be converted to other languages. Click the screen to select the language pair. For example, you can choose English - Spanish or Spanish - English. Our translators are also very suitable for traveling, shopping, having fun, making new friends or making new ones while learning a foreign language.
  • High-quality sound when recording: The voice translator has high-definition recording and independent noise-cancelling microphones, which can accurately capture speech in a noisy environment, always keep the voice clear, suitable for repeated listening, when others cannot hear clearly, you can play back.
  • Simultaneous translation of languages: This translator is equipped with a 2.4 inch color touch screen. When you talk about the content you want to translate, the translation will also take place on the screen. This is very useful for talking to others and to better understand each other's translation.
  • Best Warranty: This voice translator comes with 18 months warranty, we provide fast and convenient customer service, we will solve your problem within 12 hours.

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