OWSEN Smart Two Way WiFi Language Translator Device
OWSEN Smart Two Way WiFi Language Translator Device

OWSEN Intelligent Two-Way Portable Voice Translation Device / Offline Voice Translation Device Voice, Text and Picture Translation 60 Minutes of Speech

Ease of use: Download the APP, connect the mobile device to WIFI, no complicated settings, compatible with IOS and Android, no additional SIM card is required;

Accurate Simultaneous Translation: This translator integrates the world's leading AI translation engines: Google, Microsoft, Baidu and iFlytek support simultaneous translation between 52 languages ​​covering 95% of countries in the world with the accuracy of translating very complex sentences that can reach 98%. . You can speak or write your own text and it can be translated in half a second;

Two-way language translator: the source language and the target language can be converted to other languages, and there are all 52 languages. Click on the application to select the language. For example, we can choose English - German - Korean - Spanish or Chinese - English. This makes translations particularly useful for people who deal with foreign clients and travel to different countries.

Accurate Voice Range and Long Standby Time: This intelligent translation device adopts professional noise reduction technology to handle various noisy environments with ease. It has a smart learning mechanism to improve the speed detection rate in scenes such as shops and restaurants. : Built-in 1200mAh lithium battery, continuous playback for 3-4 hours, standby up to 100 hours.

Image recognition and translation: no need to worry about street signs and menus, translation in real time after taking pictures;

OWSEN Smart Two Way WiFi Language Translator Device
OWSEN Smart Two Way WiFi Language Translator Device

  •  [Bi-Directional Simultaneous Interpretation] The language translation device connects to the translation machine when speaking, and instantly breaks the language barrier with a response speed of less than 0.5 seconds. Thanks to the two-way simultaneous translation, you can easily conduct conversations in different languages. To unlock, press and hold the key during a call. When done, release the button and the smart device translator will provide voice and text translation on the 3.0 inch touch screen.
  • [Powerful Recognition Ability] Multi-language intelligent voice translator, equipped with HD recording and independent noise-cancelling microphone, can recognize your voice in a noisy environment, and the speaker's voice is loud and clear.
  • [Long Standby] 1200mAh large capacity battery, 7 days standby, don't worry about going out.
  • [2.4 inch screen] The high-definition touch screen determines the translation result, immediately displays the translation result and can connect to the computer to export the translation file.
  • [Your Personal Translation] Very suitable for travel, work or learning a new language. This language translation device uses artificial intelligence to constantly improve translation.

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