Watersino Portable Two Way Instant Voice Translator Device
Watersino Portable Two Way Instant Voice Translator Device

Watersino Voice Translator Device Two Way Interpreter Support 138 Languages ​​With 98% Accuracy Online Translate Photo Translation Offline Business Travel Shopping and Education

  •  [138 Language Translator] Our translator supports bi-directional language translation, including online translation in 138 languages, image translation in 60 languages, and offline translation in 14 languages. (Currently, other translators only support 107, 40 or 8 languages). He skillfully translates different dialects in different countries and regions. With our translation equipment, you can communicate unhindered with local people in more than 95% of countries or regions of the world.
  • [98% Accuracy Rate & 0.2 Seconds Fast Response] Our voice translator is based on 4 powerful translation engines (Google, Microsoft, Baidu and iFLYTEK). Thus, we have achieved the highest level in the industry with 98% accuracy and can respond quickly in 0.2 seconds. This means that you can use our translation devices to communicate efficiently and accurately with other foreigners.
  • [New Upgrade] - Image translation language auto-detection and 3.5mm headphone jack Compared with other translation devices, we have updated the image translation to automatically detect the source language without manual selection. This is useful when you are not sure which language you want. We also added a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can listen to the subtitles on your own without interfering with others.
  • [Convenient Wi-Fi Connection / Hotspot & 1500mAh Large Battery Capacity] Our voice translator devices use Wi-Fi or an access point to achieve two-way translation and real-time image translation. There is no need to purchase additional data services or worry about the device not working after the data service expires. At the same time, the 1500mAh large capacity battery can help you for long-term use. And the device adopts USB charging design, which is convenient for charging.
  • [Widely Use] Portable simultaneous interpreter, very suitable for travel, foreign language learning, business travel and shopping in tourist areas. In addition, shopping in the mall is very suitable for middle-aged and older parents who do not understand English.

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