Microsoft allows you to write emails with your voice
Microsoft allows you to write emails with your voice

Microsoft is adding voice capabilities to the Outlook mobile app that allows users to use voice messages to compose emails, schedule meetings, and conduct research.

Cortana's new voice features are available for the first time in Outlook for iOS, and Android support will be available soon.

A new plus icon will soon appear in Outlook for mobile which will allow you to turn on voice mode.

You can ask questions like, "When is my next team meeting?" Or search for colleagues, files, and calendar entries.

You can also use your voice to quickly attach files as Outlook uses the Microsoft Graph to display related documents.

Dictation has been an important part of Word and Outlook on desktop devices for many years and now appears in the mobile version of Outlook.

On iOS, you can reply to messages with your voice or use voice-to-text to create new emails.

It is reported that this is not the first time that Cortana voice functionality has appeared in Outlook.

Microsoft expands Cortana:

To achieve this, Microsoft has gradually built the Run My Email functionality in such a way that it can be implemented in Outlook on mobile devices.

This new update brings sound to almost every part of Outlook on mobile devices.

In addition to adding audio, Microsoft has also introduced a separate Microsoft 365 scheduling service designed specifically for Microsoft 356 administrators, making it a background service to help schedule the meeting.

Connects to Cortana so users can set up meetings with only email responses.

You can reply to your colleagues to confirm the meeting, just type "Cortana, please set up a meeting for next week" and the scheduling section will find the most convenient time and schedule the meeting.

The scheduling service is part of Microsoft's effort to reset its Cortana voice assistant as a productivity assistant.

Microsoft first launched Cortana in December 2015 for iOS and Android. The company discontinued the app earlier this year.

Before the shutdown, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella previously admitted that the company was struggling to compete with other digital assistants.

Additionally, Nadella revealed in 2019 that the software giant no longer sees Cortana as a competitor to Alexa and Google Assistant.

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