The European Union wants a digital wallet for post-Corona
The European Union wants a digital wallet for post-Corona

According to the Financial Times, the European Union is preparing to announce a detailed plan for digital wallets that will allow the group's citizens to save payment details and passwords.

The digital wallet was proposed after member states requested a secure way for citizens to access public and private services over the Internet.

Payment details and passwords are securely stored in the digital wallet.

Nationals of 27 countries can log onto local government websites or use a recognized identity to pay their utility bills.

At the European Union level, the wallet can be used as a repository for official documents (such as driver's licenses).

It can also be accessed by scanning a fingerprint or retina, among other things.

Participants said: The use of the wallet is not mandatory. However, citizens who choose to register will benefit from a safer and more resilient digital ecosystem better suited to life after the pandemic.

The European Union Commissioner for Digital Policy Thierry Breton said earlier this year: The new digital identity provides every European with the key to the digital twin.

To protect citizens, European Union officials have put in place structural isolation to prevent companies that access user data from using it for other business activities.

The new digital wallet:

Brussels is in talks with member states to provide guidance for introducing technical standards for digital wallets. The product portfolio is expected to operate at full capacity within a year.

These new recommendations are part of the ongoing review of the European Union's electronic markings.

The voting rate in the current system is very low and only 19 countries / regions provide digital IDs. And not all people are compatible with each other. Member states decide whether to implement the system.

European Union officials hope that increasing digital literacy and the use of digital tools during the pandemic will help bolster the new system.

When people sign up, the organizer also focuses on easy access to public and private services.

For example, anyone who leases a car can use their digital wallet to perform remote operations through an app that can verify their identity and issue an electronic key so that they can get into the car right away without queuing at the door. 'an airport.

The goal of digital wallets is to be simple, secure, and protect users online.

People also have the right to choose how much information to provide. Google and other companies do not allow you to limit the services they provide.

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