Twitter allows Spaces hosts to upload audio files
Twitter allows Spaces hosts to upload audio files

Twitter has announced a number of new features for its live audio rooms, including the ability to upload audio files, which is a huge plus for those who are more interested in the social audio trend.

Users may need audio files and the platform will archive them for 30 days for possible review.

In the Data Download and Archive section, you can click Request Archive to get a zip file of all the data on Twitter, including your audio spaces.

After you request your archives, it may take up to 24 hours to access them. However, you can find the volume spaces in the data folder of the ZIP file.

Twitter has been researching audio download options for the past few months, and this process is likely to be improved so that you don't have to download all of Twitter's information to access the audio files.

This can add even more interest and value to the Live Audio Room, where users can re-engineer audio content to expand their reach and enhance communication with people who may not be able to hear the broadcast.

This type of recording also has potential complications of ensuring that reuse is approved by all speakers.

Twitter develops an audio room:

Twitter is also investigating these issues and may at some point add some sort of consent option for them. This is part of the room use contract.

Although this option does not exist yet. However, it is the responsibility of the space host to ensure that all parties involved accept further use, especially for commercial purposes.

The announcement is part of a thread of tweets describing the latest updates to Spaces, including the timeline, development of the new Spaces tab in the app (still being tested), the ability to set up rooms on multiple desktops, and how to go and fix it. And configure the new room option to share tweets in the room.

Another benefit of adding your brand or event label to a room title is expanding your conversation. This is a small but important update. This feature provides another way to improve sound room access and increase broadcast awareness.

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