Porsche develops a music system tailored to your driving style
Porsche develops a music system tailored to your driving style

Hyundai vehicles offer a variety of experiences suitable for almost any driving scenario, from ambient lighting to suspension settings. Better, variable-sounding stereo exhaust systems sometimes include sound as well, but Porsche goes one step further.

Porsche is working on a project called Soundtrack My Life, which will allow cars to create unique music that responds to your driving, whether you're on an open road or stuck in a traffic jam.

The system plays the personalized and realistic music of your driving, which is somewhat similar to the music in the game and increases in intensity depending on the acceleration, speed and centrifugal force of the car.

It should be noted that the Porsche System is not a playlist of songs from a streaming service. But the company has an original music library that is compiled and organized using algorithms to meet your driving needs.

You can choose the music style you want, then the system will start playing the music.

“The complexity of your ears depends on how you drive, how fast you drive, and how hard you accelerate and brake,” said Norman Frydenberger of Porsche. “If you slow down or stop, the speed of the music changes. .

Porsche has developed a new system:

The idea is not to replace normal airtime, but to give drivers another option. One advantage is that the system plays original material every time, and in theory can produce unlimited new music.

"It's very exciting for the pilot," Frydenberg said. They test a new soundtrack every time. This format ensures a long-lasting listening experience, at least three to five times longer than linear music.

This new technology has nothing to do with playing a custom playlist or adjusting the speed and volume of existing music to match the vehicle's speed.

According to the company, all this should create a personalized listening experience through various sounds and music tracks while driving.

The Soundtrack My Life is still in the testing phase and Porsche has not yet decided if it will go into series production. However, the automaker is currently running a vehicle test and full system test.

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