Windows 11 SE: Limited Edition Windows 11
Windows 11 SE: Limited Edition Windows 11

While we wait for Microsoft to highlight all the details of Windows 11 at its June 24 event, a design leak earlier this week gave us a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect.

Now a new SKU called Windows 11 SE has been discovered. This seems to be a version of the operating system that has huge limitations for users.

Microsoft is trying to rely on Windows to provide restricted systems, especially mobile devices. This mainly includes restrictions on what users can do with Windows and what they can install.

This restricted version of Windows has many names, from Windows RT to Windows 10 in S mode.

The new Windows 11 SE may be Microsoft's next step on this idea. In fact, it can be more restrictive than the previous version.

Windows Restricted is best for business, education, and marketplaces where large amounts of PC and Windows licenses are purchased.

Windows 11 Limited Edition:

While normal operating systems have features that allow system administrators to control and limit what users can do, this locked version has limitations from the start, particularly on the types and sources of applications they can install.

So far these attempts have failed, but it looks like Microsoft is making another attempt.

Accordingly, Windows 10, which is expected to be a cloud version, can be launched as Windows 11 SE.

Unlike other restricted editions like Windows 10 S and Windows 10 S mode, this one appears to be targeting different enterprise editions like Education and Education Pro.

However, what makes Windows 11 SE great is how different its limitations are from previous attempts by Microsoft.

In a way, it seems more restrictive because it lacks a lot of options in the Settings app. It can't even access the Microsoft App Store, although it might just be a bug.

Ironically, Windows 11 SE appears to support installing and running Win32 applications outside of the Microsoft Store, which Microsoft blocks in all other banned versions of Windows.

The true nature of Windows 11 SE is still unclear. But Microsoft may offer a full disclosure next week.

This version is supposed to have a lot of limitations that end users will not like. However, it remains to be seen whether this will benefit corporate customers.

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