xCloud from Microsoft is now available for iOS
xCloud from Microsoft is now available for iOS

Microsoft xCloud, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud game streaming service that doesn't require a console, has launched all on iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, as well as PC and macOS computers on the network.

The service has been accepting invites to try it out since mid-April 2021. But Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now access the game directly from their device.

Microsoft said: xCloud can be accessed on a computer through the Microsoft Edge browser and Google Chrome. The service works on macOS computers through the Microsoft Edge browser and Safari.

The service offers more than 100 games and is compatible with Bluetooth controllers or consoles connected via USB. The iOS service works as a web app through the Safari browser and you can choose the joystick or touch controls for a specific game.

Microsoft also said that xCloud is now supported on the Xbox Series X platform, media streaming is set to 1080p, above 60 frames per second, and the Internet connection is fast enough.

The road to play xCloud on iOS is full of bumps because Apple App Store policies banned it initially. Apple changed some guidelines to make it work over the network (but not without warning).

xCloud can be used on iOS devices

To celebrate this release, Microsoft has added a badge designed for Xbox to one of its best portable gaming accessories: the Backbone One console. This new version is compatible with the current model, which has been available since the end of 2020, as it is technically the same.

What has changed is the packaging, which now shows its Xbox compatibility. Although the price hasn't gone up ($99.99), it's offering new members a three-month free trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is usually $45 separately.

The console is available in the Microsoft Store and on the Backbone website. Razer's redesigned version of the Kishi joystick for iPhone features monochrome buttons and also includes a Game Pass Ultimate trial for new users.

Backbone has updated its app to include deep integrations with Xbox such as: b- Tagging your game saved via xCloud.

You can edit the snapshots in the app and download them as a link. It also has a new dynamic Xbox Game Pass feed that shows you new games to try and other suggestions based on your friends' activity.

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