YouTube introduces Picture-in-Picture functionality for Apple devices
YouTube introduces Picture-in-Picture functionality for Apple devices

YouTube's iOS iOS app supports Picture-in-Picture PiP function so that all users can watch videos while doing other things on iPhone and iPad.

YouTube said: The picture-in-picture functionality is currently rolling out to all premium iOS subscribers. A major version will be rolling out to all iOS users in the US soon.

It should be noted once again that this functionality is available to all users. However, there is speculation that YouTube will only offer limited PIP support to paying subscribers.

Apple added picture-in-picture support for iPads running iOS 9 and introduced it to iPhones running iOS 14.

Since then, YouTube has barely supported this feature on iPhone and iPad because if you use the Safari browser, it can be used with the iPad.

Some people have reported that this support does not work for free subscribers. iPhone users cannot access this feature regularly.

YouTube brings Picture-in-Picture to Apple devices:

Some users have come up with a creative solution by using a shortcut to turn off the online setting that turns off the Picture in Picture feature across YouTube.

However, unless you're paying $12 a month for premium services, the update removes some of these shortcuts.

This complexity appears to diminish, at least for those in the United States. iOS users, premium subscribers or not, will soon be able to access this feature through the YouTube app, just as Android users have been doing for years.

YouTube does not provide a timeline of when free users can use the feature. However, he said that a premium subscription will be offered.

Picture-in-picture support allows users to watch YouTube videos in a mini-player while browsing on mobile devices outside of platform apps.

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