Rumors about Apple M2 processor
Rumors about Apple M2 processor

Apple is developing an M2 processor, which will complement the success of the M1 launched last year. Because of this, Apple only uses it in medium-performance mobile devices.

Thus, all expectations are that Apple will introduce advanced business processors for the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro.

CPU and GPU Performance:

Bloomberg reports that the new processor will be better than Apple computers with Intel processors as Apple is testing 32-core processors.

 The company also works on professional graphics processors with 16 cores and 32 cores.

These GPUs will be several times more powerful than the GPUs currently used by the company.

 "This information is just rumors and leaks. Apple may change its plans in the future."

We can also see new Apple processors in the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros.

As a result, we may be releasing a larger version of the company's iMac this year.

The company is still developing the Mac Pro computer, but we're expecting a new release in 2022.

date of publication:

Semiconductor manufacturer TSMC has announced that it will enter the production expansion phase in April 2021.

Apple is also expected to announce a new chipset at the upcoming Apple conference in September.

The M1 chipset can offer performance that allows it to compete with older processors widely used by big companies like Intel, and if the newer Apple processors prove their quality, Intel's problems could be exacerbated.

The question remains: Can Apple achieve new successes with the M2 processor?

Is the company planning to enter the gaming graphics processor market? Especially when only a few graphics processors are available.

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