8 million terabytes of iCloud user data is stored on Google servers
8 million terabytes of iCloud user data is stored on Google servers

Every new Apple device has its own iCloud storage. It is one of Apple's major paid services, and you can only get 5GB per user. Apple also allows you to buy more space just by using up the available free space.

iCloud has also forced Apple to free up too much storage space. On the one hand, it is about serving mobile users and products, and on the other hand, it is about providing paid storage expansion services. Some people here might be surprised to learn that Apple relies on Google to store large amounts of user data in iCloud.

Apple currently stores up to 8 million terabytes of data on Google servers. This amount is much larger than the amount stored by other Apple-operated service providers.

iCloud user data is stored in Google

Apple primarily relies on its own data center to store iCloud user data. In addition, the company also relies on other cloud service providers. Including the Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS) mentioned above, Apple uses these companies' services to store user photos, documents, contacts, and data.

Apple has confirmed that no decryption keys for this data will be passed to service providers, as these services are stored in encrypted form on Google and Amazon servers and can only use encryption keys to access their content to ensure user safety. . Data, privacy and security.

As mentioned earlier, according to a recent report from The Information Platform, Apple is renting enough servers to store 8 million terabytes of data from Google, which will pay the company up to $300 million annually in 2021 from Google Cloud Services in 2020. The amount Corresponds to an increase of up to 50%!

Not surprisingly, because of this huge collaboration, Apple is now Google's largest customer for cloud storage services, and Google Cloud employees have gotten to the point where they use the internal name to describe Apple, which is "Bigfoot." or "Bigfoot". The Cupertino giant has invested more in this space than any other company, even more than Spotify, and as a music streaming company, Spotify is essentially a consumer of big data.

We understand that Apple is currently facing two things, one positive and one negative. On the plus side, there is a huge success of the iCloud cloud storage service, free or paid, which shows the success of the company's phone itself, and the downside is that Apple can't keep all the data on its own servers. , so I ran it on third-party companies.

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