Apple may skip the number 13 when naming the next iPhone for strange reasons
Apple may skip the number 13 when naming the next iPhone for strange reasons

Apple is currently preparing to launch a new generation of iPhone, which will take place next September. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this habit was broken last year when the iPhone 12 was launched in October.

From the first iPhone onwards, Apple adopted the serial number of the iPhone. The new generation will be called "iPhone 13", but rumors have spread that the Cupertino giant may avoid calling it that. This is because the number 13 is considered a "bad omen".

According to rumors circulating, Apple is now discussing this issue internally, and while this idea may be strange and ridiculous, in some cultures people strongly believe in the number 13 and the lifespan of this myth is really long.

On the flip side, Apple has certainly neither confirmed nor denied the issue, and it is still seen as a rumor. But after it was accepted by multiple sources, the topic grew in importance, and in a front page presentation, famous leaker John Prosser predicted that Apple could actually be in the top 13.

phobia 13

This condition is called agoraphobia of this number and everything related to it, that is, pathological fear. This tells us that the reason may not be Apple's fear of hardware failure.

Apple could drop this number in the next generation of phones to prevent users from being afraid of this number. Regardless of the stage of this fear, whether it is a genuine pathological fear, absolute pessimism, hatred, or whatever, these reasons can prevent users from buying the phone.

Apple returns to its old name with the iPhone 12s

Previously, Apple released the same number of versions for two consecutive years. This is the case with phones like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, and even the latest iPhone X, followed by the iPhone Xs, which hits the market next year.

Apple is allowed to use this mark, not least because sources close to the company have said - as usual - that the new iPhone will see minor changes from the current generation, a claim that could prompt Apple to stick with it. On the other hand, the number 13 avoids annoying people.

The proof that many cultures really hate the number 13 is a survey conducted by a website. In the end, about 75% of users voted hoping that the next iPhone would have any name other than "iPhone 13"!

Apple used the number 13 before

Previously, Apple naturally used the number 13 in more than one product or service. For example, iOS released two years ago, of course, uses the number 13 and the A13 Bionic chip used in the company's latest mobile phone! Except why should Apple avoid number 13 in such a simple product!

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